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11 April 2012 @ 08:34 pm
Faction icons XV  
Wow! It's hard to believe I've got up to fifteen icon posts already—and most of them with more than one icon. Yet I'm nowhere near the end.

Anyway, here are four more. I think I've caught up enough on the couple factions that I can present more of a mixed bag again. You've got a war-based fraction, a faction for one of the recurring characters (or two such factions, depending on how you're counting), and a faction support group.


The Mikies are the faction for fans of Miklos, Janette's bartender at the Raven. The character appeared in a mere three episodes, in one of which he was seen only in the background. So it was very hard to find a screen capture from which I could crop a picture of him. As a rule, he's either turned partly away, or seen at a distance, or filmed in a scene that is heavily lit blue—a cinematographic decision that is very striking, of course, but out of context is a damned nuisance!

In the end, I cropped out a tiny, tiny picture. It means that, unlike most icons, there's no possibility of a larger version of this one. Any bigger, and the photo of Miklos goes all fuzzy.

The Mikies are an old enough faction to have had a symbol created for them for Dead of Winter Con 2:

I simply googled up a similar image and incorporated it into the design. I also included the sign over the door of the Raven nightclub in Season Two (the one that Miklos appeared in).

Rainbow Knights:

The Rainbow Knights are a support group for LGBT Forever Knight fans. I don't think they ever created an official symbol; but obviously a rainbow theme was in order.

I tried rainbows and prisms and various multi-coloured graphics, and finally decided to crop out a piece from this rather gorgeous thing, which I googled up from an on-line article about "trapped rainbows" in computer storage.

I added a sword, since that symbol was used on the Rainbow Knights website, and flanked it with the name of the faction. It's a very simple design that took a ridiculously long time to get looking right, mostly because of the long search I had to find the perfect rainbow.


Nominally, the Enforcements are for people who are "fans or appreciatives of the Enforcers" (as one faction list puts it)—the Enforcers, of course, being the vampire goon squad who were introduced in the Season One episode, "Unreality TV". They were worked into several pieces of fan fiction, not least of which were some stories by the late Susan Garrett; and Ron the Enforcer regularly takes part in wars, playing with the Die-Hards. Since all of this predates the establishment of the Enforcements, it's fair to say that its members are not the only fans that the Enforcers have. However, they greatly elaborated the concept, co-writing a lot of fiction about the Enforcer Guild, for which they created characters and locations set within the FK universe. They also took part as a faction in War Ten.

The Enforcements had a website, which you can find on the Internet Archive, for which they created an absolutely gorgeous faction symbol. So gorgeous, in fact, that I can't possibly better it:

So I simply turned it into an icon.

I added the name of the faction, of course—and picked out colours for it from that beautiful flame! I don't know who drew the symbol; but s/he certainly knew how to handle colour.

General's Secret Service:

The General's Secret Service are a branch of the Cousins that was created in War Eight as a sort of secret agent attack force. I've based this icon on their official symbol, which they used on their website. This is now defunct, alas; but most of it was saved by the Internet Archive, and can be found using the Wayback Machine.

As you can see, this uses a much darker blue for the lettering. It shows up at the larger size of the official symbol, but quite disappears at smaller sizes. I therefore lightened it significantly in the interests of legibility. Even so, I couldn't possibly reproduce the motto that runs around the bottom half of the circle. (I've generally omitted mottos for precisely this reason: it's hard enough to get the name of the faction to be legible at icon size.)

I replaced the sketched daggers with more realistic ones by shortening one of the swords that I used on the CotK icon. (The other one I've been using on various other icons; so I guess you could say that I've assigned one of them to Nick and the other to LaCroix.) They've been put on a circular target, thus giving the image something of the circularity that the original symbol has.

In two of the corners I put the name of the faction; and, given that they are very much the Cousins' martial wing, added the silhouette of a gun in the third. (Don't ask me what type of gun. As Werner von Braun said in the Tom Lehrer song, "That's not my department"!)

The last corner has the General. Of course.