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25 Days of Writing: Day 5

5. What character that you're writing do you most identify with?

When I first joined FORKNI-L, people asked me what my faction was; and I always replied that, as someone who had written a virtual season, I don't play favourites since I have to be able to write all the characters. As far as that goes, I hold to it; but that didn't stop me from playing in three Forever Knight Wars as a Die-Hard. Then again, that's the faction for people who refuse to pick a faction.

My parents always told me that it's important to be able to see the other person's point of view. (Mind you, I think this was mostly because I was the eldest of three. If you have siblings, you know what I mean.) Nowadays, I'd say it's more like seeing all sides of a situation.

For example, I have to admit to a certain fellow feeling with Natalie. Her interest in researching Nick's condition from a medical perspective is one that I can identify with. Having said that, though, we are otherwise very different: she's a good "people person", and obviously interested in Nick romantically. The hours she works (and the fact that she's attracted to a guy who's a vampire!) make it more difficult; but I'd say her goals in life include marrying and having a family. In that respect, I don't identify with her at all.

You can say the same of pretty well all the characters in every fandom: to write them, one needs to be able to see their point of view; but I never really identify with them.

Full list:
1. Tell us about your current project(s) – what’s it about, how’s progress, what do you love most about it?
2. Tell us about what you’re most looking forward to writing – in your current project, or a future project.
3. What is that one scene that you’ve always wanted to write but can’t be arsed to write all of the set-up and context it would need? (consider this permission to write it and/or share it anyway).
4. Share a sentence or paragraph from your writing that you’re really proud of (explain why, if you like).
5. What character that you're writing do you most identify with?
6. What character do you have the most fun writing?
7. What do you think are the characteristics of your personal writing style? Would others agree?
8. Is what you like to write the same as what you like to read?
9. Are you more of a drabble or a longfic kind of writer? Pantser or plotter? Do you wish you were the other? Both, or neither?
10. How would you describe your writing process?
11. What do you envy in other writers?
12. Do you want your writing to be famous?
13. Do you share your writing online? (Drop a link!) Do you have projects you’ve kept just for yourself?
14. At what point in writing do you come up with a title?
15. Which is harder: titles or summaries (or tags)?
16. Tried anything new with your writing lately? (style, POV, genre, fandom?)
17. Do you think readers perceive your work - or you - differently to you? What do you think would surprise your readers about your writing or your motivations?
18. Do any of your stories have alternative versions? (plotlines that you abandoned, AUs of your own work, different characterisations?) Tell us about them.
19. Is there something you always find yourself repeating in your writing? (favourite verb, something you describe 'too often', trope you can’t get enough of?)
20. Tell us the meta about your writing that you really want to ramble to people about (symbolism you’ve included, character or relationship development that you love, hidden references, callbacks or clues for future scenes?)
21. What other medium do you think your story would work well as? (film, webcomic, animated series?)
22. Do you reread your old works? How do you feel about them?
23. What’s the story idea you’ve had in your head for the longest?
24. Would you say your writing has changed over time?
25. What part of writing is the most fun?

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