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Fandom Snowflake 2021 #9

Snowflake Challenge promotional banner featuring a chubby brown and red bird surrounded by falling snow. Text: Snowflake Challenge: 1-31 January.

It seems a bit weird to tout one's own virtues—or rec one's own fic, for that matter. I notice others have said the same thing. Basically, we're told not to when we're little kids; and that's pretty well reinforced as we get older, too.

Anyway, I see most people have given a few of their own stories. So here are five of mine, each in a different fandom. The main links are to my website, since I have to admit I am proud of the webpages I make for my stories.

  • "A Different Shade of Gold" - S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders
    I first read this book when it was bought by our public library some months after publication, when I was Ponyboy's age. Each time I have read it since, I'm a bit older and my perspectives have shifted. Here I translate that into fiction: Ponyboy as he might be today, a guy around my own age rereading that old "class assignment" after so many years. (Written for [profile] luciferinasundaysuit in [community profile] waybackexchange 2019. On AO3 here.)

  • "Exiles of the Sunless Sea" - C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia
    I wrote this after a mad post-sign-up scramble through the tagset to find a request that I felt I could offer. In The Silver Chair, Lewis created the deep underground realm of Bism; but, although Jill and Eustace meet its exiled inhabitants, they had long since been bespelled into minions of evil. My story turns the tale round, to show the Bismian perspective on their situation. (Written for [personal profile] deepdarkwaters in [community profile] worldbuildingex 2017. On AO3 here.)

  • "Hobbiton Farm" - BBC Historical Farms series X The Lord of the Rings
    This was actually an extra prompt in a Yuletide letter. A crackfic notion, of course; but I decided to treat it seriously. What if, in a modern Middle-earth, the BBC did a series in which Ruth, Alex, and Peter spent a year living the life of the hobbits of Hobbiton? (Written for [personal profile] halotolerant in Yuletide 2015. On AO3 here.)

  • "Stopped Cold" - The Flash (CW TV)
    When TPTB decided to write Leonard Snart and Mick Rory out of The Flash and into Legends of Tomorrow, they drew a line under any chance of a TV version of the Rogues from the Flash comics. Most fans at the time wrote AUs in which the group were recruited shortly after Season One; but, coming into the fandom some years later, I wondered what it would be like if Cold were instead rescued from the Oculus explosion after a significant time gap; found the differences in the Waverider crew too disconcerting; and only then decided to return to Central City to start the Rogues. I've never essayed the whole story. I did, however, snip out this part of the tale: the newly formed Rogues' first heist, and its aftermath. (Written for [personal profile] rivulet027 in [community profile] worldbuildingex 2018. On AO3 here.)

  • "A Winchester Always" - M*A*S*H (TV)
    This is nominally a remix of my sister's story, "Secrets and Lies"; but, to my way of thinking, it would be better described as a co-writing project, even though my involvement was pretty ex post facto. She picked up the assignment and came up with the basic plot, and the notion of alternating between the "today" of 1968 and flashbacks to the Korean War. I heavily reorganized it and doubled its length. (Written in [community profile] remixrevival 2019. On AO3 here.)

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