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Fandom Snowflake 2021 #6

Snowflake Challenge promotional banner featuring a chubby brown and red bird surrounded by falling snow. Text: Snowflake Challenge: 1-31 January.

I thought I'd rec three stories that are not in my two longstanding main fandoms:

  • "Donation" by [personal profile] merriman - Anthropomorfic (Libraries)
    This was written for Yuletide 2014; but I've read it several times since. It's the story of a new acquisition to a university library. Or an old one, since it's a well used copy; and thereby hangs the tale. This is a snuggly fic to curl up with.

  • "The Emperor's Garden" by [personal profile] hedda62 - Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosiverse
    I think A Civil Campaign is probably my favourite of all the Vorkosiverse books; and this is only partly because of the plot and genre. It's also because of Ma Kosti's delicious food and Ekaterin's gardening. This story focuses on the latter. Gregor wants the imperial garden completely updated; but that raises the question of the best effect to achieve, and everyone has different opinions.

  • "An Internal Affair" by [personal profile] nirejseki - The Flash (CW TV series)
    This is a role-reversal ColdFlash story in which Leonard Snart is a police officer. Just off an undercover assignment, he's now been transferred to Internal Affairs, where he's a new broom sweeping the CCPD clean—and very suspicious of the mysterious behaviour of one Barry Allen. One of the nicest things in the story (aside from the plot) is the introduction of a fun group of fellow CSIs for Barry to interact with.
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