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Fandom Snowflake 2021 #4

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Goals, eh?

I just had a quick look at a locked sticky on my journal. It was written in 2017. "Pending," I called it. There is nothing there that is not STILL pending. Which is not to say that I've done nothing at all in the last few years. I just haven't done any of those things. I have had a lot of trouble writing without a deadline—which, in practice, means that I've been writing very little outside gift exchanges.

However, last year I had two projects that did not have recipients. First, in the heart of the initial lockdown, I made myself write ficlets every few days so that I'd do something other than follow the news. To myself, I call them my "COVID Collection" (which is a ghastly name, I know). In fact, the stories have no illness in them, let alone plagues or pandemics. They're simply short pieces featuring various Forever Knight characters, and were posted to the old mailing list as well as AO3. I did a couple of dozen of them. Then, in the late summer, I signed up for [community profile] fearbuddies, specifically Small Fear, with the intention of completing a series of Arrowverse stories about Leonard Snart's childhood. I'd started with three connected ficlets in a gift exchange; but more than a year had gone by, and I'd not got any more done. Well, I didn't finish; but I did get two more parts completed. Admittedly, regular reporting to my FearBuddy helped a lot: sort of mini-deadlines, you might say.

So what this shows is that I can do it. Sort of.

The "Pending" post has several prospective stories listed. I have ideas for:
  • a Forever Knight futurefic about Capt. Reese set in 2010 at the G20 Summit in Toronto
  • a crackfic crossover between FK and Thomas the Tank Engine
  • a Charioteer story about Ralph Lanyon's first voyage after he was expelled from school
  • longfic in which Leonard Snart is rescued from the Oculus explosion, leaves the Waverider, and returns to Central City to start the Rogues.
On top of that, I want to revise two stories I've already written, both FK stories done for gift exchanges. One just needs a bit of tweaking; but, for "A Dark and Stormy Night" (written years ago for Yuletide), I got some ex post facto concrit that I think was justified. The story needs to be refocused a bit, and have a better ending.

So what's my goal?

Complete "Depths of Cold", the Arrowverse series about Captain Cold's childhood and youth. I think there are probably three more parts to go.

Yes, it sounds pitiful. However, the things I've listed here are all utterly open-ended. I want to be at least slightly realistic about the prospects of actually achieving anything. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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