greerwatson (greerwatson) wrote,

Yuletide nominations - 2020

I've just put in my nominations for the [community profile] yuletide gift exchange: Forever Knight, Mary Renault's The Charioteer, and the old British comedy cop show, New Tricks.

I feared that last year would be the end of FK's eligibility. In fact, we now stand at 976 fic spread over AO3 and, which means we are still (barely!) under the cut-off. I guess there were fewer personal sites discontinued this year.

Anyway, I nominated Nick, Schanke, Vachon, and LaCroix. If any other FK fans are doing Yuletide this year, do please consider adding more characters to the tagset. Sadly, one is only allowed four per fandom, and there are so many fascinating people in the FK cast.


There are so many missing characters! The absence of women is particularly obvious. If you do decide to nominate, please comment here or on the mailing list so that people can coordinate. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
Tags: forever knight, yuletide

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