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Sunshine Challenge 2020 - Prompt 5 (Turquoise) & Website Updates

To me, turquoise is a cool, fresh hue that reminds me of water and the tiles you find in bathrooms and swimming pools. However, if you say "tiles" to any Forever Knight fan, they will immediately think of Natalie's office in the Coroners Building in Toronto.

The exterior views were filmed on location; but the interior was a permanent set. By positioning the camera behind whatever wall was broken away, it always looked a lot larger than it actually was, which—from the few steps needed for the actors to cross it—must have been pretty small. The most prominent feature was an autopsy table in the middle of the room, since Dr. Lambert (played by Catherine Disher) was a pathologist. But one corner had her computer and filing cabinets; and the opposite end had a lab desk; so it was by way of being a sort of all-purpose room that you'd never get in the real world. Let's just say that the series was done on a low budget!

[NOTE: if you can't see the picture, click on it: I put a link on.]

Most distinctive were the turquoise tiles that covered the walls from floor to ceiling.

Some years ago, when I was making icons for all the FK factions, I went through screencaps until I found one that had Natalie standing close to the wall. I carefully cropped out a tile, picking the one that the camera was pointed to dead on. As a result, the graphic "tiles" perfectly.

I promptly used it, in miniature, for the icon representing the NatPack, i.e. the faction for fans of Natalie. (Click on it to see it enlarged.)

However, I've also used the tile a couple of times when making webpages for stories that focus on Natalie in her role as pathologist, rather than her role as Nick's friend. The most recent is a ficlet, "Morgue Maniacs", that I wrote at the end of April as part of my attempt to keep busy while in lockdown. It features Natalie and her lab assistant, Grace, chatting on the night shift.

For its webpage, I complemented the authentic tile by bordering the central panel with nested tables whose most prominent feature is a band of coffee beans, representing the women's off-duty chit-chat. This came originally from; but I reduced it in size so that the detail could be seen in the relatively narrow width of the border. I trimmed it with ripply graphics that look a bit like turquoise ribbons bordered in gold, both derived from an original I got from

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