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22 January 2017 @ 02:44 am
Worldbuilding Exchange  
So ... Forever Knight is now in the tag set for the new [community profile] worldbuildingex gift exchange.

The characters nominated are Nick, Natalie, Cohen, Reese, and Vachon. Plus "No Characters" and "Original Character(s)", which are mandatory. Given that this is a worldbuilding exchange, the mod wants people to be able to request/offer/write things that don't necessarily involve the canon characters. Also in-world meta is a specific option; and that need not include any named characters at all. (Think futuristic encyclopedia articles on vampires, for instance.)

The worldbuilding nominations for FK are:

- backgrounds and backstory (Forever Knight)
- ethics (Forever Knight)
- Vachon's crew (Forever Knight)
- vampire physiology (Forever Knight)

If any FK fans out there are intrigued, nominations are open until 8 a.m. Tuesday UTC (which is midnight Monday in Pacific Time). So you can still add more characters and worldbuilding ideas if you want.

I hope someone out there is interested in signing up, since if no one else requests/offers FK, there won't have been any point in my nominating it.   :(

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