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FK faction icons V

Finally, finally, the long-promised DP icon gets to see the light of day. And one of Nick's factions also gets an icon. (And about time too, I can hear some of you say!) The third icon is for the NatPack, one of the "original six". Their fraction factions will also eventually get icons, but...first things first, right?

Dark Perks:
I'm starting with the DP because I've mentioned this icon more than once. What is, I hope, immediately obvious is the different tone. The DP have always had a certain...irreverence.

Although the Dark Perks didn't exist at the time the original faction symbols were created, I had no trouble in deciding their iconography. One of their earlier stories, "A Dark Perk Easter", decostumed a Thug in a rabbit outfit and left the felt head staked on a pike in the middle of the lawn of their headquarters. Headless rabbits and rabbit heads thereafter became a sort of "DP thing".

To me, this particular screencap sums up the cop side of Tracy; and it was an easy pick for the DP icon. Since Tracy is pointing a gun, what is her target? I decided in the end to include only the ears of the rabbit.

When I ran the icon past cousinmary, though, she had reservations. I'd used a brown bunny; and she just didn't see the DP rabbit that way. Switching to a whit(ish) rabbit solved the problem; and, to extend the colour scheme of the icon down to the bottom right corner, I carefully cut out the centre of its ears, tinted them pale pink, and reinserted them. Hot pink is another "DP thing".

As for the coffee mug in the upper right corner, that is one of a set of matching DP symbols created by Anne Jensen. Of her colour variants, this one best fitted the icon.


The Knighties are preceded only by the Cousins; and, as the hero's own faction, probably ought to have had their icon done first. However, it took me a while to decide on the best way to work in the Knightie symbol, which is a full length knight in armour. This fixes Nick firmly to the past; and, as he had plenty of past, that's fair enough. But I wanted to include something to indicate his present day life as well, not to mention the fundamental conflict in his nature that underpins the series.

I opted, therefore, to include only the knight's helm—a so-called "Great Helm" appropriate to the era of his birth. It's accompanied by a sword, positioned vertically down, antiparallel to the upthrusting spire of the CN Tower. There is therefore a curve directing the eye from the top left, down the centre of the icon, and round to the bottom left. Here, I put police ID, cropped from a screen capture.

(Okay, it's actually Schanke's ID from Season Two; but, at this size, who can read it?)

The whole thing is set against a sunset background. I'm going to use a night sky for the Dark Knighties, as well as repeating the helm and CN Tower. The similarity in the faction symbols (knights of light and dark shades) indicates to me that parallels are equally needed in the creation of the icons.


The faction symbol for the NatPack is a caduceus. (Surprise, surprise.) Instead of using the simple outline, though, I hunted the web for something a bit more dramatic. To fill out the space, I included a copy of the notebook in which Natalie records her experiments on Nick.

Yes, the tiled background is absolutely authentic! I carefully looked at screen captures of the morgue to find a shot in which we look at the wall dead on, found a tile with neither skew nor shadow, and cropped it out. As a graphic, it "tiles" perfectly. I'm going to include it here. Anyone who fancies using it—perhaps for a Nat-themed webpage, or to make some artwork—should simply grab it.

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