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FK faction icons IV

Although it's not been long since my last set of icons, the fact is that two of these have been almost ready for a while, but needed that last bit of tweaking to bring them...well, as close to perfection as I could make them. The third was quick to make because it's based on a Die-Hards logo that I created over a year ago when I added my War 13 posts to my website.

So, what do we have? Well, I've been promising a FoDs icon to match the Perks one—and here it finally is. There's also an icon for the Unnamed Faction, with a final tweak suggested by Laurie of the Isles a/k/a 1_mad_squirrel. And, of course, there's the Die-Hards icon.

The FoDs (standing for Friends of Don) are Schanke's affiliation. Very few of them around nowadays, alas—though I noticed that people made a point of mentioning them in the last War. Their faction symbol is a stylized knife and fork; and so I included cutlery in the icon. Schanke seems to be looking at them!

In addition, I put in a fine large doughnut (for Donut Don), and added a skewer of souvlaki. Schanke does seem to have a great liking for it, after all.

I had the layout done a while back; but I simply could not get the icon to look good. You couldn't make out the souvlaki. I tried putting a haze of white behind it to make it stand out; but that made the whole icon look funny. I tried leaving it out; but then the other pieces of the puzzle didn't fit well together.

In the end, it dawned on me that the solution was to alter the background, instead. The tiles (intended to suggest kitchen tiles) were therefore lightened in colour—and, all of a sudden, the other features stood out properly.

Unnamed Faction:

I knew immediately that I did not want to incorporate the symbol for the Unnamed Faction into their icon. It's simply a pair of silhouettes of Nick and LaCroix; and, of course, the inclusion of a screen capture covers the same ground. The question, then, was what to incorporate into the design to symbolize the faction.

In their War stories, the UF always make much of "honey sticks". I'd actually never heard of them. Googling the term revealed that they're straws filled with honey, which fits with the UF stories. However, looking at images of them was...daunting. They're about as uninspiring in appearance as anything I've ever seen—from an artistic perspective, that is. Basically, they look Somehow, I couldn't see myself trying to play spillikins with them. Well, not and have anyone figure out what was meant.

So I looked instead at pictures of honey, and was immediately taken by a dripping spoon on a black background, from which I could see that lovely picture of Nick and LaCroix rising up.

Unfortunately, when I showed it to Laurie (who'd e-mailed to ask if a UF icon was going to be in the collection), she said it took her a while to figure out that the liquid flowing from the spoon was supposed to be honey. It was she who suggested the honey dipper.
NOTE: the icon seen here is a revised version from 20 September 2012 with the letters in the name now in a truly vertical line.)

I created the symbol and logo for the Die-Hards a while back. All I really needed to do was stretch the words to fit the space, and then run over it with blue and white to clear up the edges. Yes, that is the United Nations flag! I thought it quite appropriate for the pan-fandom nature of the faction.
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