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13 July 2016 @ 06:16 pm
My Old Fandom  
The reveal for [community profile] myoldfandom took place a couple of weeks ago—and was, indeed, a couple of days late since a last-minute pinch hit was needed. That makes this post more than a little overdue. However, as I was assigned to write for [personal profile] fawatson, who is my sister, and she to write for me (and for the second time this year!), I dare say she'll forgive me. Certainly we both were working on our stories right up to the very deadline, and tweaking afterwards.

Flo wrote me "Big Feet Speak Louder Than Words": a crossover based on two of Janet Kagan's books, Hellspark (which was the one I requested) and Mirabile (which she knows I've also read). Both Tocohl and Maggy were featured, solving an intriguing mystery that took them to Mirabile. It's a delightful story, with spot-on characterization of both of them. In so far as I have a complaint, it's that there isn't more of it.

I wrote her "Jean at the Witching Hour", based on Janet Sandison's series about Jean Robertson.

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