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FK faction icons III: spreading it round

Three more icons! (There are more in the works; but these are the ones that I'm satisfied are actually ready to go.)

Immortal Beloveds:

Having done Natalie and LaCroix last time, how could I possibly leave Nick and Janette languishing icon-less? So far, though, my attempt at a Ravenette icon has proved less than successful, at least to my eyes; and I've not yet tackled any flavour of Knighties—which require a knight (if you recall the old faction symbols).

So I decided to give the Immortal Beloveds a degree of priority.

Let me tell you, it's one thing to take a nice little heart, rotate it in two different directions, and pair the variants up. It's quite another thing to ram a stake through them. (Yes, I know Buffy does it soooooooo easily. She's a character on a whole other TV show. I'm trying to make icons with Microsoft Paint.)

Still, I managed it in the end. After all, the faction symbol for the Immortal Beloveds has a pair of hearts, staked. I get the analogy with Cupid (honestly!) but staking leaves vampires dead, dead, dead...which is surely not the point! However, I had no better symbol in mind for the faction than the original. So staked the hearts were, no matter how tricky a job it was!


The faction icon for the Perkulators is a coffee pot. With a smiley face on it...but I left that out. This is the serious icon: it has a handsome coffee background, and a nice coffee pot, and a very elaborate border.

Wait till I get to the DPs. They have a whole other view of the world.

Nunkies Anonymous:

The penchant of Addicts to make reference to peaches whenever possible made it obvious what symbol I should use for the NA. Just as well, for they postdated the original set of faction symbols; and, as far as I know, they never created one of their own.

For this, given the humorous tone of the faction, I selected a picture of LaCroix with a fine smirk on his face. The peach looms huge behind him—and any resemblance you may feel it has to a halo will be much appreciated. By me and (no doubt) LaCroix.

By the way, the little symbol in the upper righthand corner is not that of Narcotics Anonymous. I created my own, in a different font. The faction is so often called the "NA" that incorporating the initials in an analogous logo seemed quite appropriate.
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