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FK faction icons II: Valentines for Valentines!

The Forever Knight episode, "Be My Valentine", is unusual in inspiring three different affiliations. It wasn't unknown for a faction to spring from a particular episode—one might even say "obviously" in the case of a guest star—but it was unprecedented for a single episode to result in so many.

Two of these were specifically related to Fleur, Nick's younger sister: her own faction (usually referred to as the "Fleur-boosters", which is a name I find rather less than aesthetically pleasing), and the Faithfuls (for the aborted relationship between her and LaCroix, which Nick thwarted).

However, it is the third faction that is named after the episode itself (or the day it celebrates). The Valentines are the affiliation for those who see potential in a relationship between Natalie and LaCroix. On the face of it absurd: she fears and loathes his influence over Nick, and he is appalled by Nick's quest for mortality, which she supports. On the other hand, there is that wary, fascinated scene between them at Azure....

So, in honour of Valentines Day, I've made an icon for the Valentines faction. Or, more accurately, two variants.

In making the icon, I initially positioned the screen capture of Natalie and LaCroix dead centre; but then I decided that this covered up too much of the heart. Reducing the size and setting it to the right then made it obvious where the faction name should go. However, that layout left a blank area on the left.

By rights, I suppose I should have filled the space with a stethoscope. After all, the faction symbol for the Valentines—though dominated, appropriately enough, by a large heart—also includes a stethoscope curling down from it on the right, presumably to symbolize Natalie. However, I didn't fancy the look of it. Instead, I substituted a bottle of champagne in a bucket, representing the one at the table in Azure, from which LaCroix poured Natalie a drink.

For decorative uses, the version without the border is probably more attractive. On the other hand, if one wants to use the icon as a userpic, it will be better set off from the page when surrounded by the narrow border. Anyway, I figured I'd give the choice.

By the way, I did not create the lovely heart, which came from J's Magic Clipart Gallery.
Tags: faction icons, forever knight, graphics

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