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Forever Knight faction icons

Over the last few days I've started work on a set of icons representing the various factions of Forever Knight fandom—or at least some of them (for, of course, there are a very large number of faction names, not all of which should be taken seriously).

At the moment, I have ideas for several. However, I've only actually finished three of them. Now remember, these are faction icons. So I've paid tribute—at least to some degree—to the old faction symbols, at least where there was one (and assuming I can work it in). Not all factions ever had symbols.

Of course, one would expect that I would start with the Knighties and Cousins, since they seem to be the largest factions; and then maybe I'd go on to do the NatPack, and Ravenettes, and Perks, and Vaqueras, and FoDs—and maybe the Die-hards and RatPack. Or toss in a few of the bigger couple factions.

No, of course not!

Perversely, the inspiration for these came from three other factions entirely. Hey, they deserve a bit of love, too! (Even if, at best, they barely exist today.)


One could say it's a toss-up between calling this faction the Scorpions (which was the first name proposed, though hardly anyone declared the affiliation), or the Stonetree-ites (which was invented later, and still didn't attract a lot of attention). However, "Stonetree-ites" is a horrible name. I don't know if there are any around, even as a secondary affiliation. On the other hand, lastscorpion does consider herself a Scorpion, as her user name indicates.

The obvious thing to include in the icon, other than a picture of Stonetree, ought to be a scorpion—either a photo or a stylized figure, maybe from a set of zodiac signs. However, I couldn't find one I liked. So instead, I picked an image taken from an Iroquois blanket. It's only one of the motifs from its design; and, even then, when I redrew it to turn it into a graphic, I somewhat simplified it.


The faction symbol for the Cohen-heads is a large police badge with a smaller picture of the CN Tower superimposed on it. I didn't use the same shape, preferring instead to take the brass badge that Nick flashed in "Dance by the Light of the Moon". I'd already cropped it out and turned it into a graphic that I'd used on the webpages for two of my stories. I simply went back and used it again—this time, with a picture of Cohen superimposed.

However, I left out the CN Tower, which made the whole thing far too busy-looking. When you're going to scale the whole thing down to a mere 100px square, you really have to keep things simple!

Reese's Pieces:

This was the first icon I made. For some reason, although Capt. Reese is quite popular and the faction has a catchy name, it never amounted to much. Maybe it's because there's no obvious singular form. What, after all, do you actually call a member of this faction? A "Reese's Piece"?

I got a version of the design of the bag by googling, and cropped out the logo—this being basically the old faction symbol. The orange background dictated the colour scheme for the icon. Of course, I added a picture of Reese himself. However, I also added three candies, one in each colour.

This icon doesn't have the faction name written on it, because it's incorporated into the design through the product logo.
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