greerwatson (greerwatson) wrote,

Come on in - the warring's fine!

The Forever Knight mailing list fandom is currently in the middle of a war. This should not be confused with a "flame war": it's an interactive communal activity that is basically a huge round robin crossed with an RPG (except that one plays oneself, or, more accurately, a virtual!self).

This is the first time since the very early wars that we've not submitted premises to the listowners. As a result, we do not have a designated warleader (i.e. the person whose premise is chosen), and things are rather free-form. After the last war, whose WL was a micro-manager, this is an enormous relief; and we're all having a great time.

Muggins here offered to create a website for it all. So, in addition to being the main scribe for my faction (i.e. team), I also have to archive everyone else's stories. Well, I did volunteer....

Why am I posting? Well, because this war is so free-form, there is no rule barring latecomers. If anyone has been wondering what war would be like, you can still play.

All you need to do is join FKFIC-L (if you aren't on that list already), and send an e-mail to the listowner giving your permission to be used in the war.

Come on in! The water warring's fine!

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