March 20th, 2021


25 Days of Writing: Day 22

22. Do you reread your old works? How do you feel about them?

Not the very oldest, which are in a box somewhere. And it's been a while since I've dipped into my virtual season or my war!fic. However, I do go back and reread my old stories—not all of them, but at least some. How do I feel about them? It's hard to believe sometimes that I actually wrote them: that I managed somehow to pry out the words and phrases and get them reasonably right. I look on my handiwork and see it is good—and it's downright astonishing.

In case you are curious, these are ones I probably reread the most. Most of these are longer works, which is not to say that I don't now and then browse through the ficlets. I also check my more recent stories; but that's partly a matter of belated polishing. Not that I don't find typos, even sometimes after years!

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