March 6th, 2021


25 Days of Writing: Day 12

12. Do you want your writing to be famous?

Let's face it: I write fan fiction for what mostly are very rare fandoms. By the standards of anyone into a megafandom, my stuff is scarcely read at all. And outside fandom, no fan fiction has any fame—well, unless it's had its serial numbers scrubbed off; and, even then, it pretty well has to be badly written BDSM smut. (I assume you know what THAT jaundiced remark refers to!)

Seriously, though, of course I would like my writing to be famous. (I'm only human.) It's just that my own definition of "famous" involves things like being found in libraries and taught in university courses. So I doubt if it will happen unless I finish some original fiction and get it published and it's critically well received. A fair few conditions there—and all dependent on the first, i.e. writing it.

Saving that, I think I'll settle for having those few who do read my stories enjoying them, commenting on them, and maybe even reccing them.

"Fame" in fandom tends to end in infamy, anyway. Who wants that?

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