February 27th, 2021


25 Days of Writing: Day 5

5. What character that you're writing do you most identify with?

When I first joined FORKNI-L, people asked me what my faction was; and I always replied that, as someone who had written a virtual season, I don't play favourites since I have to be able to write all the characters. As far as that goes, I hold to it; but that didn't stop me from playing in three Forever Knight Wars as a Die-Hard. Then again, that's the faction for people who refuse to pick a faction.

My parents always told me that it's important to be able to see the other person's point of view. (Mind you, I think this was mostly because I was the eldest of three. If you have siblings, you know what I mean.) Nowadays, I'd say it's more like seeing all sides of a situation.

For example, I have to admit to a certain fellow feeling with Natalie. Her interest in researching Nick's condition from a medical perspective is one that I can identify with. Having said that, though, we are otherwise very different: she's a good "people person", and obviously interested in Nick romantically. The hours she works (and the fact that she's attracted to a guy who's a vampire!) make it more difficult; but I'd say her goals in life include marrying and having a family. In that respect, I don't identify with her at all.

You can say the same of pretty well all the characters in every fandom: to write them, one needs to be able to see their point of view; but I never really identify with them.

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