September 13th, 2018


Coordinating FK nominations for Yuletide

I know it's hard to believe at this time of year. I mean, the weather pundits in Toronto promise a return to hot-and-humid for the weekend! Nevertheless, the Yuletide mods ([community profile] yuletide_admin) have already opened nominations.

I plan to nominate Forever Knight, of course. Probably Nick, Natalie, Janette, and LaCroix—those being the characters most likely to be requested by people who aren't the ardent fans some of us are. However, in my opinion, the more characters the better. It would certainly be good to be able to request fanfic focusing on Nick's partners or the Season 3 vampires.

So ... do please consider nominating FK. If you do, leave a note here so that people don't duplicate your noms. (Dupes won't count, and mean a lost opportunity to add someone different.)

Nominations will close on 21 September. At that point the mods will clean up the tag set, removing duplicates and correcting spelling errors. Sign-ups run 10 to 21 October.

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