January 26th, 2018


2017 Fan Fiction Year-in-Review

I did this last year, so....

I only wrote one story more than I did in 2016, fourteen in all. Mostly, they were a fairly average sort of length, plus a couple of ficlets. Sadly, I was not inspired to write any longer fic. (I'm a bit disappointed in myself.)

Most of the stories were written for gift exchanges; and, not for the first time, I got matched with Flo a couple of times. This is fine if I've deliberately angled for it in order to write her a pet fandom-of-the-rarest. Otherwise, it's a nuisance: there's more of a challenge (and more fun) in writing for anyone else.

Sadly, two exchanges I've done in the past, Rarewomen and My Old Fandom, didn't run last year, and seem likely not to do so in the future either. However, I did the new Worldbuilding Exchange, Exchange at Fic Corner, Everywoman, Trick or Treat, and Yuletide. Plus, of course, FK Fic Fest (which has its own special place in my heart!) for the however-manyeth time. In addition, it occurred to me—not for the first time—that the very abrupt ending of Dick Francis's Flying Finish, which I was rereading, left quite a large number of dangling questions. As the Be the First Challenge was just shy of reveals, I had time to dash off a hasty postscript.

All in all, an adequate but not very exciting showing. I'm reasonably pleased with what I wrote; but I had a hard time getting fingertips to keyboard.

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