April 5th, 2014


Faction icons XLVI

During the recent Forever Knight War, several moribund factions-of-yore were mentioned by former members who found intriguing the idea of resurrecting them temporarily—reclaiming their old affiliations, so to speak, if only for sentimental reasons. Other players, however, enjoyed the idea of asserting the existence of new factions. To help people keep track, I included in the war site a page showing affiliations both old and new.

So naturally I mysteriously found myself temporarily a Feliksity, and later morphed into a Blue Knightie.

For a while, though, there was some discussion among the Vaqueras as to whether some of them should change faction for the duration. Naia Zifu, for example, turned Urchin, and had her own story arc for a bit. Another player toyed with the idea of becoming a VietVamp—that is to say, a fan of Tran, the Vietnamese vampire from the episode "Can't Run, Can't Hide". In the end, she decided not to; but, in the meantime, I'd made a faction icon just in case (for I was using the icons I'd made back in 2012 to illustrate the website).

The VietVamps were not among the new factions named back in 2012. The idea of a faction for Tran was raised; but no name was suggested. It was put forward last year; but I never got around to making an icon at that time. Still, better late than never. Here it is now:


Naturally the icon is dominated by a picture of Tran himself. On one side, his past is represented by a picture of a burning house. I got this off the net: it was apparently taken during the Vietnam War. The other side of the icon has a black background, representing Tran's state of mind after the destruction of the village.

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