April 1st, 2014


Website update

Finally (!) I have put a couple of my recent stories up on my website. Mind you, "recent" is a relative term: one of these is from Yuletide. And I have two more Yuletide stories still without webpages.  sigh

Both of these are based on Mary Renault's The Charioteer, though "The Road to Rio" is actually a crossover with Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons series. It was written for Yuletide as a present for [personal profile] naraht. The other story, "Ain’t Misbehaving", is a ficlet that I wrote for the maryrenaultfics LJ community's Valentine's Day Challenge back in February.

For "The Road to Rio", I decided to use a webpage design that would evoke the setting: the Lake District in the summer. So the main background is water, and the border around the text is comprised of a series of frames in leafy green or beige rock patterns. That part was easy. However, I also wanted to divide the sections with a small sailboat; and this, of course, needed to resemble the simple dinghies used by Ransome's children. More easily said than done; but I got something passable in the end. By tweaking, I even gave it a brown(ish) sail.

"Ain't Misbehaving" could, I suppose, be considered my first songfic, in as much as the challenge involved working a line from a song somewhere into the story. As I chose to write from Hazell's perspective (on the start of his "romance" with Ralph) and I had used him before once or twice, I decided to use another variant on GRSites' "misc236.jpg". This is not the most productive background graphic I've ever played with. (That would be the one that I've used, in one variant form or another, throughout all the ITOWverse stories written by myself or my sister.) I have, however, managed to create quite a wide range of backgrounds from it, nevertheless. This time, given the romantic subject (ahem!) and the fact that the story was written for a Valentine's Day challenge, I picked a deep rosy pink variant, and used similar shades in the frame for the text.

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