March 1st, 2014


War 15

For me the war is ... sort of over. Certainly, I've made all my posts. As in the previous two wars I've played in, I strove to write a reasonably coherent narrative. Now, I've now done webpages for them all. Since the premise this time (at least the one that I used) had people suddenly believing they belonged to a different faction from the one they signed up for, I've done graphics for each affiliation and crossover. Well, the ones in my stories, at least. (Let us not forget that there are over a hundred affiliations. There's no way I fitted them all in!)

So, for part of the war, I believed myself to be, not a Die-Hard, but a Feliksity; and later I got switched to the Blue Knighties. I've mentioned these factions before, particularly when signing up for FK Fic Fest. The Feliksity background has paisley and a flower, picking up on Feliks Twist's jacket and his penchant for gardening. The Blue Knightie graphics have the Toronto Police patch and badge, as used in the show.

However, I managed to work more factions in, and thus had more graphics to play with.

First, I wrote a small crossover with the Ravenettes, when Ron the Enforcer—Ronnie K's war persona—went off to the Raven for the evening. So that gave me the opportunity to make a Ravenette/Die-Hard background graphic.

Sadly, when I then tried to arrange another crossover using the "faction scramble" concept, I found that people had become even more fascinated with the premise used by Bonnies P. and R. (to time-travel into flashbacks from the series); and, being mid-story, they weren't in a position to liaise with me. However, the owner of the actual Caddy used in filming the show had written it a permission slip. So instead, I wrote a crossover involving it, the Vaqueras, and the one member of the DP/Perks who was playing.

Yes, only one Perk! How are the mighty fallen. (Indeed, even the Cousins were seriously shorted in this war, having only one Head and a Fang.)

Now, by rights, the schedule should have meant that, at that point, I headed off to the final party and goodbye posts. However, McLisa had told us that, this war, rules would be quite easy. In particular, although the dates for the war were set in advance, the actual writing deadline was open.

So I was able to go on to another story arc. I had several unused faction scramble ideas; and I'd noticed that there were two people who had signed up to play as independents yet not written any stories for themselves. I suppose either they got stymied by Real Life, or else were simply hoping that someone else would write them into a story. Now, McLisa had said that, for this war, the rules would permit anyone to be used who had a permission slip on record. So I worked off several of my faction scramble ideas using these two players (and an anonymous A.N. Other)—and, not incidentally, managed to mention quite a few obscure factions along the way.

More fun with graphics!

As I also made the war site, I've been happily busy.

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