February 5th, 2014


WAR: Die-Hards: Stumblebum (1/1)

Title: Stumblebum (1/1)
Author: Greer Watson
Place: elsewhere
Time: elsewhen (covering several days in mortal time)

Most of the pieces that had fallen off the scrabble board had now been picked up. The Powers That B'Aint (No More) was not, however, feeling as relieved as this should have made it. One ear--if it had ears--kept permanently cocked for the sound of TPTB's return. Until all the pieces were recovered and put back, the game could not continue.

In its heart, TPTBn't(NM) knew, of course, that it had long since lost this game, as so many other games (for so many other shows) had been lost so many times before. Hope, though, springs eternal.
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