September 13th, 2011


Story post: "The Flavour in his Mouth"

And another story posted to fkcommentfic. The joke, of course, is that this isn't the one I was thinking of when I went to bed last night. (Or should that be the night before last?) Anyway, I should have been on my way to bed tonight, but figured I'd knock off a mini-ficlet; so I was looking through the prompts trying to spot the one I'd been thinking of so that I could get the exact wording. Only this one popped out at me instead.

I could maybe have fitted it into five parts; but, having realized that my initial estimate of a mere four was wishful thinking, I decided to play it safe. As a "comment fic" though, it would qualify for fkficfest. It just kept on going and going as I wrote down what they all said. For something nearly 2K words, it certainly behaved like a ficlet!

You can find it here. I haven't even begun decorating the webpage for it. It's kept me up far too late as it is.