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Faction icons XXXVIII

Believe it or not, I am still learning about new factions! (Or at least subfactions.) However, the first of the two icons here is one that I have had in mind for some time, in the belief that, even though the Knighties never had a subfaction called the Crusaders, they should have. Nick's days as a Crusader were not only interesting in themselves, but had a profound influence on his subsequent life. Or unlife, if you prefer.

As there are so few factions left without icons, I decided that, if I was going to mention the Crusaders at all, it was time I made their icon, too. I then sent it off to Nancy T. (a/k/a NAT), who is not only a fairly senior Knightie (and the source of all the screen captures I've been using), but also a friend. She was immediately charmed by both the notion and the icon.

Then she told me of a little subfaction of Knighties to whom she belongs, who chat now and then. Recently, they have been wondering whether they should ask me to make an icon for them. Well, within a very short time it went off for inspection—and obviously passed muster, since I'm posting it here.

How many other unlisted subfactions there may be I have no idea. I'm sure, from time to time, other factions have also budded small chat groups—ones that have never been mentioned on FORKNI-L (and hence never wound up on one of the lists of affiliations), being purely a faction thing.


For this icon, I spent quite some time googling for images of crusaders. After finding far too many role-playing costumes and fancy little figurines, however, I decided to go medieval. Fortunately, there are quite a number of reproductions of illuminated manuscripts on line.

For the main image, I selected a besieged town. The narrow strip of sky at the top was expanded to provide a background for the whole icon; and the town itself was trimmed at one side in order to leave an empty space.

In that space, I set the figure of a knight, cut from a completely different picture. I altered it from its original dark blue to a steely grey, and then turned it into Sieur Nicolas de Brabant, Crusader knight, by putting the Brabant lion on the shield.

It was Nancy who suggested adding a pair of crosses fleury to the surcoat. If you recall, Nick's clothes in the flashback to "Queen of Harps" had a line of similar gold crosses down the front.

Knaughtie Knighties:

Also known as the Knaughty Knighties: the spelling varies, so I did it in two versions.

Some time ago, I started working my way through Nancy's screen captures, episode by episode, clipping out portraits of the characters. As I now have most of these tucked into separate folders labelled with their names, it has made it much easier for me to find suitable images to use in making the icons.

As everyone knows, one of the distinctive features of the filming of Forever Knight was the frequent use of a tilted camera. In context, this creates an interesting effect. Out of context, though, it often looks rather odd. So, in a number of instances, I rotated the picture back straight up, and clipped the edges. Often, there was a slanted corner or two; and I took to filling these carefully in, patching the background over, and even trying to extend hair or clothing. (Good practice for the icon-making, actually.)

Among other things, I had so modified a couple of pictures from "Queen of Harps", where Nick is in the dungeon and De La Barre offers him amnesty if he goes on crusade. As he's a prisoner, his clothes are in disarray. In particular, his shirt is open. As soon as I started thinking of making a Knaughtie Knightie icon, I remembered these pictures.

Given the nature of the faction, I decided to add a bed—specifically, a canopied four-poster. This marvellous specimen comes from Wikipedia.
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