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On my website..."Fangs in Paradise" & "On the Doorstep"

These two stories are only drabbles; but even drabbles deserve a webpage. Of course, neither story will be new to anyone, since they have already been posted to fkcommentfic, as well as to FKFIC-L. Now, though, they are up on my website: "On the Doorstep" is here, and "Fangs in Paradise" is here.

"On the Doorstep" was written as a thank-you to brightknightie; but it qualified for fkcommentfic as it also fulfilled her request for something about either Reese or Screed, neither of whom featured prominently in any of the longer fkficfest stories. No especial feature of "On the Doorstep" inspired me with a design for its webpage—though, given the subject matter, it obviously needed to be done in subdued tones. I selected a simple textured background whose colours are echoed in the border around the central panel.

"Fangs in Paradise", on the other hand, sees Nick hiding in a conservatory; and I immediately decided that I wanted the webpage to reflect this. I hunted through my collection of background tiles, but found that the only floral and foliar designs that I had were all emphatically outdoor and daytime. However, I continued to search, and was delighted to find a graphic which gives the impression that one is seeing through frosted glass into something green-toned. There is a remarkable three-dimensionality to this background graphic: the panel for the story actually seems to be lying on the glass.

The bluish green tones of the background gave me the colour scheme. I found an icy marble for the main graphic in the border; and, to echo the night scene, I used a black panel for the story itself.

The joke, of course, is that in the end the only picture of an actual plant I used on the page is a silhouette of bamboo up near the title.
Tags: fan fiction, forever knight, graphics, website updates

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