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Faction icons XXXIII

Now that fkficfest is over, I feel free to post more faction icons without distracting anyone—myself included!

In fact, there are very few icons that I haven't at least started, though some do need a bit of tweaking. I think all the character-based factions have their icons now—well, unless someone comes up with the perfect name for an affiliation for a minor character as yet unbefactioned. On the other hand, there are still a number of couple factions whose icons have been made but not yet posted. I also have icons for a number of "miscellaneous assorted" factions.

For instance, among these five are a couple that are very assorted indeed.

(Immortal) Seducers:

On 1 April 1996, in the earliest FORKNI-L digest archived on Knightwind's Nook, Sandra Gray suggested a couple of names for a faction for LaCroix and Janette. No one took up "the Flames"; but "the Seducers" was immediately seconded. Nominally, I suppose the Seducers' mandate could be their relationship in all its aspects; but, like most early couple factions, it pretty well always had a romantic bent, though not necessarily explicit.

I was immediately tempted by the idea of a flaming heart, and found this one on the net. It was then a question of locating two suitable screen captures—more easily said than done, I might add. And, if you suggest that I could have found a good one of both together, then I can only say that you've never looked! It's surprising how seldom the two of them are in the same shot.

In some faction lists, "Immortal" is prefixed to the name, so I made the icon in two variants.


Throughout fandom generally, the term "lurker" refers to fans who do not participate actively by posting, writing, vidding, drawing, or acting as moderators, archivists, and the like. They basically just join a list or community, and then read the posts and stories written by other people. However, back in the late 90s, there were a couple of fans (not just of Forever Knight) who took a madcap, parodic approach to fandom, yet—tongue in cheek?—called themselves "the Lurkers". Indeed, they participated in at least one Forever Knight War under that name; and they hence are counted as a faction.

This grinning face is their symbol. Basically, I just turned it into an icon.

Early Birds:

The Forever Knight Early Birds are one of those courtesy factions that are actually groups connected with lists or e-groups but not involved in the Wars. They were a group of fans whose early schedules meant that it was difficult for them to participate in the regular chat room, which met in the late evening. They therefore held a Yahoo! Chatroom an hour or so earlier. (You can read more about them here if you're curious.)

The name is more than merely potentially confusing: at least one prospective member thought that "Early Birds" meant that the chat room itself was in the morning, rather than that the members got up at crack of dawn. At any rate, it was conceptually inspirational: I immediately thought of the early bird who got the worm; and, indeed, I visualized this as a robin.

I thought I'd have difficulty finding a suitable picture. In fact, not only are birds with worms exceedingly googleable, but a high proportion of them are, indeed, robins! This was trimmed from someone's photograph, with a snip taken from a sunrise photo.


Described once as a "small wicked faction", the Nothers saw Natalie as a promising character for crossover fiction. Most Forever Knight fans who are inspired to write adult crossover fic immediately gravitate to LaCroix, and slash him with...well, Methos, mostly...but characters from quite a variety of sources. Nothers, on the other hand, felt that Natalie would go very nicely in adult hetfic, partnered with guys from other television series.

For this icon, I turned to FORKNI-L for help, and got it from Liz the Lucky, who is a lone, last Nother. She explained the ethos of the faction, and gave me a few names. The guys in the posters on the walls are therefore both "Others" who genuinely appeared in Nother-fic: Joe Dawson from Highlander, and Chance Harper from Strange Luck.

That is Natalie's hair on the left. She holds a remote in her hand as she watches TV, and, I suspect, is engaged in channel surfing in search of a suitable Other. I was careful to pick an older television (not radically unlike the one I still own) rather than one of those modern high-definition, slim, giant-screen, hang-on-the-wall models. Superimposed on the "snow" on the screen is a man's silhouette with a little red heart on it, symbolizing the perfect non-FK Other who will win her love.

Archivist's Assistants:

Although there are nigh-on innumerable factions for canonical characters, there is only one character from fan fiction that became so popular, at least for a time, that people decided that they wanted to create an affiliation for him. Dorian the Archivist appeared in some of Susan Garrett's stories back in the '90s: archivist for the vampire community, he required their histories from other vampires, and would go to extreme lengths to ensure that the story they told was complete and accurate.

I have no idea what the Archivist's assistants took as their duties; but, as archiving involves record-keeping, I decided to design the icon around writing. The main graphic is therefore a pad of paper—with faint lines, if you look carefully. The logo (in a lovely copperplate) fits tidily across the lines. The pad lies on an oak background, intended to represent a table or desk, or similar flat surface; and on the pad lies a fountain pen. Specifically, it's a Parker 51 pen, chosen since that's the sort my late father owned.
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