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Faction icons XXXII

I don't know if cousinmary is following the creation of these icons. I hope she's at least glancing at the posts, for the factions represented here are all DP couple factions.

The largest of these, the CERK Perks, has already had its icon posted. (You can find it here.) However, there are three more (Tracy/Miklos, Tracy/Nick, and Tracy/Screed), all of which once had faction sites under Cousin Mary's aegis.

Raven's Cellar:

The Raven's Cellar was a short-lived tongue-in-cheek faction on the DP list. It was Cousin Mary and Shana Nolan, in particular, who wrote Tracy/Miklos stories—at least until there was (or so I gather) a popular revolt and they were compelled to desist.

At first, I thought this icon was going to give me problems: there are so few suitable screen captures of Miklos (who did, after all, appear in very few scenes). Then, I asked the list what the Tattooed Desert Guy (or Dude) Appreciation Society was about, and was told that it was a faction of sorts for an actor named Oded Fehr, whom several fans saw at a convention and...rather fancied, I gather. At any rate, some of the DP decided to recast the part of Miklos.

I did wonder whether it was right to follow their lead in creating the art for the icon. However, when I asked on FORKNI-L what people's views might be, Tim pointed out that recasting Miklos needed to be seen as part of the faction identity. Far from having trouble finding a picture of Miklos, therefore, it turned out that I had my pick of pix. A very googleable guy!

Because the Raven figures large in Raven's Cellar faction art, I decided to use its sign here, as I had in the Mikies' icon. As well, I clipped out the R, A, and E; trimmed the E to an L; carefully turned that into a C; mirrored the C to get an S; and snipped off the end of a letter to make an apostrophe. In other words, the "’s Cellar" part of the faction name is in (more or less) the same font as the "Raven".

A slim slice of the sign, mitred and rotated, gave me a frame for the picture of Miklos. The background is, of course, the cellar of the Raven as it appeared in the first season episode, "Hunters".

Night Shift or Knight Shift:

The more usual name for this faction is "Night Shift". However, the alternative spelling appears on the longer faction lists, suggesting that there were those who fancied the usual pun. I've therefore made it in two versions.

The background is a view of Toronto across the harbour; I found it on the internet. Prominent above it is the badge of the Metropolitan Toronto Police, as the force was then known. The logo is metallic; and there is a hint of a similar hue around the badge.

Rat Patrol:

On the main page of the Rat Patrol faction site there is a light sketch which may be intended at their symbol—though, if so, the focus is definitely more on Tracy than Screed, for it has a squad car, a pair of handcuffs, and a fingerprint, but nary a ratsie in sight. (There is more obviously Tracy/Screed-oriented fan art inside the site.)

Anyway, I decided to use the handcuffs. On the rat.

It's the same rat I've used before on icons for factions involving Screed. Here I've flipped it. I found a suitable pair of cuffs (which you can see, at a much larger size, running down the middle of the icon), and carefully fitted them on the rat's paws. Since the chain was a bit too short to see at icon size, I also located a suitable loop which I then manipulated until it fitted nicely onto the cuffs and hung down visibly.
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