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Faction icons XXIV

Four more icons. Though the factions represented are not large, all, I think, will be familiar names to most of you.

I mentioned in my last post that I had made an icon for the Knights in Darkness—one of a set of coincidentally pink-toned icons that were all made in a single day. One by one, I've now posted them all. The Fleur-Boosters' icon has been waiting even longer (and why it got missed when I posted the collection for rarewomen I don't know, for I was keeping it back to post then, and somehow failed to). The Woof Pack, of course, is dear to the hearts of dog-lovers. How many people claim the affiliation is another matter, though the dogs turn up in UF war posts. The fourth icon...well, it's for one of those subfactions that was obviously a lot of fun at the time. And why not? Fun, after all, is the point of it all.

Knights in Darkness:

The Knights in Darkness are a support group for Forever Knight fans with psychological problems. Indicating this visually could have been difficult—except that Nick has his own problems, and it is therefore possible to find pictures of him in distress.

I used a dark, swirly background and a "Halloween"-style font to indicate mental disturbance: the design could represent a disorientated perspective; the dark tones could represent depression. (There are a lot of possible reasons why people might join this support group.)

I replaced the "I" in "Knights" with a small version of the sword that I've used to represent Nick in other icons. If there is one person who ought to get help, it is Nick.


There are at least two names for Fleur's faction, and this is the more usual. Personally, I prefer "Fleurettes"; but that's hardly the point. Although I like Fleur well enough (for I don't play favourites, being a Die-Hard), I'm not a member of her faction; and the choice of name is, after all, up to them.

In "Be My Valentine", Fleur expressed an interest in the study of the stars. I therefore used a starscape background, enlivened with that huge moon we saw in several Forever Knight episodes. To complement these, I chose a screen capture of Fleur in which she is looking upwards.

Woof Pack:

The Woof Pack icon is very simple: just screen captures of Perry's and Raleigh's heads along with the doggie bowl into which Nick poured blood for Perry in "Blind Faith"—plus, of course, the logo. For that, I used a font which, I suspect, is usually printed in lurid red. However, the blood is not dripping as unambiguously as the designer might have intended; and, done in brown, it looks rather more like shaggy fur.

Nunkies Scouts:

The Nunkies Scouts were an amusement of the Nunkies Anonymous faction. Their leader was, of course, Nunkies himself (who has a prominent role in the icon); but the members mimicked the Guiding movement with a devotion to collecting badges. This was, I gather, done by writing a story in which the member, in no disguise at all, demonstrated the appropriate skill or performed the necessary deed—all then being posted, either to the NA mailing list or as part of a War.

Their website only exists in a partial state on the Wayback Machine. However, an indication of the general tenor of the faction is obvious from their code and promise, which can be found here.

Badges being clearly important, I strung a row of them along the bottom of the icon. These are authentic Girl Guide badges, as currently used in Canada. The chocolate cookie is also authentic: however, it is not the design used today, but closer to the one of the 90s. As you can see, it has the Guiding trefoil in the centre
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