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20 January 2017 @ 06:53 am
2016 Fanfiction Year-in-Review  
I've never done this before; but each year I see friends do it and think I should too, so....
  • "Heat in the Kitchen" (website, AO3)
    • Forever Knight, 744 words, 25 March
    Not written as a gift for anyone, just a seasonal idea that occurred to me. Posted first to FKFIC-L, which needs more love from all FK fans.

  • "A Letter from Abroad" (website, AO3)
    • The Charioteer, 1197 words, 14 May, written for [personal profile] fawatson in the Renault Exchange ([community profile] renaultx)

  • "Jean at the Witching Hour" (website, AO3)
    • Janet Sandison's Jean Robertson series, 13,886 words, 18 June, written for [personal profile] fawatson in [community profile] myoldfandom

  • "Festival of Festivals" (website, AO3)

  • "To , or Not to ," (website, AO3)
    • Oxford Comma Example Sentences, 176 words, 7 October, written for [personal profile] baniszew as a New Year's Resolution, i.e. a belated gift to a prompt from the 2015 Yuletide exchange.

  • "Star of the Waning Summer" (website, AO3)
    • Mary Renault's The Mask of Apollo, words, 724 words, 17 October, written for [personal profile] fawatson in the Trick or Treat Exchange ([community profile] trickortreatex)

  • "The Children of Closti the Clam" (website, AO3)
    • Diana Wynne Jones's Dalemark Quartet, 2446 words, 25 October, written for [personal profile] betony in Trick or Treat

  • "Command the Signs" (website, AO3)
    • Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising, 1528 words, 31 October, written for [personal profile] blueteak in Trick or Treat

  • "Back in the Saddle" (website, AO3)
    • Dick Francis's 10lb Penalty, 1865 words, 7 November, written for [personal profile] serenade in Trick or Treat

  • "A Correspondence between Gentlemen" (website, AO3)
    • The Charioteer, 3072 words, 2 December, written for [personal profile] elsa in Yuletide

  • "The Rape of the Book" (website, AO3)
    • Georgette Heyer's Venetia, 6350 words, 20 December, written for [personal profile] morganmuffle in Yuletide

  • "Whisper" (website, AO3)
    • Forever, 3510 words, 23 December, written for [personal profile] argylepiratewd in Yuletide

  • "The Father, the Son, and the Unholy Ghost" (website, AO3)
    • Forever Knight, 3561 words, 24 December, written for [personal profile] astolat in Yuletide

Thirteen stories. I've no idea what it all adds up to in terms of word count. What's clear is that, early in the year, I wrote relatively little compared to the fall/winter. Not surprising, I suppose. In both Trick or Treat and Yuletide I wrote treats in fandoms that are new to me (as far as writing is concerned, that is). Very enticing prompts!

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